The Old Fashioned
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The Old Fashioned

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Camp Craft Cocktails, in collaboration with Knob Creek Rye, is happy to announce The Old Fashioned as a Limited Release Offering. Cherries, Oranges, Apricots, and our signature bitters infused NON GMO vegan cane sugar, pairs beautifully with Knob Creek Rye Single Barrel. Sip over ice or try one of these recipes. To order Knob Creek Rye, cut and paste this address into your browser:

The Vintage:
the classic

2 oz Camp Craft Cocktails Old Fashion infused with Knob Creek Rye, strained

twist of lemon, orange, or both

  • pour the infused whiskey over one big cube or three-four smaller cubes and stir until properly diluted (25-30 seconds)

  • slip orange or lemon twist (or rabbit ears) on the side of the cube and savor!

The Heirloom: the sweet

2 oz Camp Old Fashioned, strained

1 inch section vanilla bean, split

1 inch orange peel (2)

a few drops of orange juice

  • muddle the vanilla bean, orange, and orange juice in the bottom of a rocks glass

  • add the infused jar whiskey and fill glass with ice

  • stir and garnish with second orange peel

  • for extra sweetness, top with a floater of your favorite cream soda

The Antique: the boozy

1 1/2 oz Knob Creek Rye infused Old Fashioned, strained

1 oz Jim Beam or Knob Creek bourbon

orange twist

*if you'd like a little extra aromatics, try adding a dash or two of your favorite bitters (ie Angostura orange or Peychaud's)

  • stir ingredients with ice and strain into an ice-filled glass, garnishing with an orange twist

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